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Fun Treasure Hunt

Fun Treasure Hunt

With the days drawing out and temperatures on the up, it’s time to start planning that fun treasure hunt you’ve been talking about all winter. If it’s a special occasion with friends, family, or work colleagues, why not make it a blast and think up some fun treasure hunt ideas. Think fancy dress: Spymasters, comic characters and many others.

Think photo shoots: You’re going to need at least one smartphone or tablet. Each group has to upload the craziest posed photos at each location to your favorite social media platform. On stag or hen parties have forfeits: Split into teams and compete against the clock. You have to swap costumes. Or last team to arrive buys the round. As a single group take as much time as you like. Stop off to visit Battersea Dogs Home, or if you’re near London Bridge take a foodie break, and tour the city’s famous Borough Market on your next treasure hunt in London.

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