London City View

Top 10 team ranking

# Team Time
(including penalty)
1 The Hannahs 00d 01h :59m :38s
2 Team Finlayson 00d 02h :12m :38s
3 WestEndGirls 00d 02h :27m :25s
4 Monolith 00d 02h :30m :17s
5 XiLiN 00d 02h :33m :16s
6 ElePhaNt 00d 02h :34m :52s
7 Jay & Ollie 00d 02h :41m :02s
8 Monolith 00d 02h :43m :32s
9 RobertAndSons 00d 02h :46m :57s
10 Starbucks 00d 02h :50m :14s

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