Street Treasure Hunts London
and Online Quizzes

Solve puzzles and riddles
and explore your city!



STEP 1. Choose the Treasure Hunt


STEP 2. Get to the start location


STEP 3. Solve riddles and submit correct answers

You will need:

Mobile device (phone, tablet etc.) with internet connection.

Make sure your device's battery is charged enough.

Notebook and pen set




Convenient shoes

Be ready to walk approximately two miles


Street Quests / Treasure Hunts

Treasure Hunt "Brainstorm in London"

Treasure Hunt in the heart of the Central London. Answers to the unique riddles will lead you through the most popular touristic places of the UK's capital.


at any time of the day.


approx. 2.5 hours.

Walking distance:

around 1.8 miles


medium. You don't need any special knowledge or skills. You may need to find some information online.

Start location:

London, SE1 7PB, "The London Eye"

Team members:

2-3 (recommended)

Price: 19.99 GBP per team

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Online Quizzes

Online Quiz "Quizzer Teaser"
Free Online Quiz.

10 unique super interesting fascinating riddles.

Different subjects: geography, mathematics, history, science etc.
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Price: FREE / no card or registration required

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About City Questing

City Questing is the new fantastically fun way to discover hidden places in your city by solving unique riddles.

Each game contents ten or more super interesting puzzles related to different objects you can see on the street: signs, plaques, building, statues, memorials, information boards, sculptures etc. In average it takes around two hours to complete the quest.

It you recently searched online: "What to do in London?" or "Things to do in London on weekend", City Questing is an ideal answer for you!

You must submit correct answer before you receive the next riddle. No worries if you find it too hard, using the hint will definitely help.

There is no time limit to complete our treasure hunts. You won't feel any Escape room like time pressure.
‘All the locations are within walking distance. In 100% cases they are free to enter.

Another advantage of City Questing is you don't need to book the quest in advance. There are no time slots or availability on weekends only.
You can play whenever you like (as some places might be closed overnight, be aware of restrictions stated in descriptions to each quest) within 30 days after the purchase.

Important information for tourists: we use only simple English in our riddles, so they are very easy to understand for foreigners.

So charge your mobile device, make sure you have enough internet data allowance (at least 50Mb), and get ready for the new exciting experience!