City Questing

Street treasure hunts

Solve unique riddles and explore your city! More than escape room.


How it works

  • Choose the Quest

    STEP 1. Choose the Quest

    Choose the Quest you would like to play. Your access will be valid for 30 days after purchase.

  • Go to the start location

    STEP 2. Go to the start location

  • Submit a START CODE

    STEP 3. Solve riddles and submit correct answers

    Each correct answer will lead you to another location. Use one of the hints if the riddle is too hard for your team.

You will require

  • Mobile device

    Mobile device
    (phone, tablet, etc.)

    In some places you can use free public WI-FI networks. Make sure your device's battery is charged enough.

  • Notebook
                    and Pen Set

    Notebook and Pen Set


  • Convenience shoes

    Convenience shoes

    Be ready to walk approximately two miles.


Quest № 1 Brainstorm in London

Treasure hunt in the Heart of Central London. Answers to the unique riddles will lead you through the most popular tourist route in the UK's capital.

Available: at any time of the day or night

Duration: approx. 2.5 hours. Walking distance: 1.8 miles

Level: medium. You don't need any special knowledge or skills. You may need to find some information online.

Start location: London, SE1 7PB, "The London Eye"

Team members:

2-3 (recommended)



City_Questing_Quiz_Quizzer Teaser

Online Quiz №1 Quizzer Teaser

Unique riddles on different topics: geography, mathematics, history, science etc.

Level: medium

Price: £4.99

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