City Questing

Solve puzzles and riddles and explore your city!

Available locations:
- Waterloo / Westminster, London
- Tower Hill, London
- Regent's Park, London
- Rochester, Kent (NEW)
Frequently Asked Questions
- What is the optimum size of the team?
There is no restriction, but recommended team size of 2-4 participants will give you the best experience.

- How much time each quest last?
The average time is 2.5 hours. This may vary depends on how good you do.

- What to do if my team can't find right answer?
You can use hints, or even get right answer if you stuck with riddle.

- How can I pay?
You can pay using Debit / Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) and Google Pay. All payments are processed via safe and secured SquareUp payment area.

- What do I require to play the quest?
The only you need is mobile device (smartphone, tablet etc.) connected to the internet. Please make sure your battery is charged sufficiently.

- When I can start the quest?
All Quests become available immediately after purchasing. You need to complete the game within 30 days, your start code won't be valid after this period of time.

- Is City Questing suitable for tourists with intermediate level of English?
Yes. Only simple English is using in our riddles, so they are easily understandable for foreigners with basic English or kids.

- Are there any time limit to complete the quest after starting?
No. You can play as long as you need to complete all riddles.

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