City Questing

Solve puzzles and riddles and explore your city!

Available locations:
- Waterloo / Westminster, London
- Tower Hill, London
- Regent's Park, London
- Rochester, Kent (NEW)
Treasure Hunt - London
Treasure hunt in London can be a fantastic way to spice up your next trip to the UK’s capital. Whether sightseeing with the family or a group of friends, a great way to break up the walking between different attractions is by joining an organized treasure hunt activity. There are a number of treasure hunts you can take part in, depending on which part of the capital you want to visit.
You don’t need a lot to enjoy a really fun, and head scratching few hours, trying to get yourselves from one place to another by working out the clues, questions, and riddles. Most routes cover 1.5 to 2 miles, so a comfortable pair of trainers or shoes should be adequate. Make sure you have a notebook with pen/pencil and a smartphone or tablet with internet access. That’s it — the rest is brain power. Each hunt takes around two to three hours, but there is no time limit. You can also undertake your treasure hunt to suit yourselves. If your chosen day is wet and miserable, you can leave it until the weather improves.
City of London: Treasure Hunt
Although Central London is often associated with financial sector, it is also full of some of the biggest attractions, and one of the most popular areas for visitors to the city. Finding and solving City of London treasure hunt clues could get you to places like Billingsgate’s Roman Baths, Guildhall Galleries, the Museum of London, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral or many others.
Treasure hunt around London
If you choose the treasure hunt in Central London you could find yourselves looking for clues around such places as Buckingham Palace, the Churchill War Rooms, Warner Bros Studios, the Sea Life Aquarium, or Madame Tussaud’s. Treasure hunt around London can lead your team everywhere. Arriving at the ‘London Eye’ start point, there may be other groups beginning their hunt. But are they going where you are? Only each group’s clues know the answer.
Regent’s Park is one of London’s most famous parks and home to London Zoo (Zoological Society of London). If you fancy a few enjoyable hours off the streets, book an ‘Escape from Regent’s Park’ treasure hunt. The clues will have you and the group exploring areas of the park you’ve never visited before, as you try to find your way out.

Treasure hunting in London is the new fun way to explore the sights and attractions of this vibrant city. Inject a little extra fun into your sightseeing plans, and book your adventure today.